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It’s seminar season for Creative Pod

It’s getting to the end of the year and many marketers will be starting to think about their 2018 marketing plans. To help you get ready for 2018, we’re super excited to announce that we’re hosting a series of marketing seminars to help aid best practice and spread the word about the power of digital marketing for small businesses.   Hear from our CEO and other members of our specialist team, get the latest digital marketing tips and...

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Brand resonance- Is your logo branded in memory?

Brand resonance – Is your logo branded in memory?

10 logos, 3 designers and half an hour of drawing logos, from memory.   How accurately can we recall logos we see on a daily basis? It sounds like an easy question at first. However, a recent study by found that only 16% of people were able to draw near perfect logos, whilst 80% were only able to recall the brand colours. So, our design team decided to challenge themselves with the same experiment. With the...

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Is UKIP’s new rebrand a roaring success?

    UKIP’s new branding was recently unveiled at the party conference by Interim Party Leader, Steve Crowther and was immediately met with much ridicule. At Creative Pod, branding is our bread and butter. So, we sat down as a team to review the recent UKIP rebranding.   From Steve Crowther’s speech, this rebrand has been in the wings for some time, with Steve talking anecdotally of a time when Nigel Farage asked him what he thought of the...

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Best sources of inspration as chosen by our design team

The best design resources as chosen by our design team

Good design resources are hard to come by, finding good content is even harder, whether it’s mock-ups, templates or even just some good inspiration. Here are a couple of the websites our design team have found to be the best sources of inspiration. [vc_separator type="transparent" position="left" color="" border_style="dashed" width="" thickness="" up="20" down="20"] Graphic burger is an extremely good example for icons, mock-ups and other items such as UI kits and backgrounds. It has a huge...

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Our key takeaways on paid advertising from BrightonSEO – September 2017

Last week we attended BrightonSEO, the most popular SEO conference in the UK! The conference runs twice a year and has over 3,500 attendees as well as industry expert speakers and a host of sponsors. The day was jam-packed full of search, social and content marketing. We learned so much throughout the day and by the end, our brains were frazzled but full to the brim of knowledge, so we’ve decided to round up our...

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Meet the team: Sadie

Meet The Team: Sadie

We're very excited to announce that we have Sadie Chillingworth with us for a two-week internship. So we took the opportunity to find out a little more about Sadie and what she's hoping to get from her internship. So tell us a little bit about your role… “Over the two weeks, I will be working primarily alongside Sarah and Charlotte to learn about the essentials of Digital Marketing. I will gain an understanding about the systems used at Creative...

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Are you ready for GDPR

The new GDPR regulations. Are you ready for them?

[vc_separator type="transparent" position="left" color="" border_style="dashed" width="" thickness="" up="10" down="10"] The new GDPR regulations which come in to effect in May 2018, are on everyone's lips at the moment. So the Creative Pod team went along to the 'Are you ready for GDPR?' event hosted by the Sussex Chamber of Commerce to find out more about it and more importantly find out what you need to be aware of - in the first of a series of...

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How to pick the perfect image

How to Pick the Perfect Image

A few weeks back you may have noticed that we posted a blog about ‘How to Pick the Perfect GIF’ to ensure your tweet stands out from the rest. But what do you do if you want to ensure your post stands out on other social platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn? Although Facebook has recently released the endless GIF possibilities when replying with a comment on someone’s post, they have not yet made it...

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Five challenges of email marketing

Email marketing, it’s a powerful tool, but it’s also been hugely overused. People’s inboxes are becoming ridiculously cluttered and people’s attention spans are now said to be less than a goldfish. However, email marketing is a staple in the marketing toolbox, so in our latest blog, we’re going to take you through the top five challenges of email marketing and how you can overcome these challenges.   1) Achieving measurable return on investment Yes, we’re going straight in...

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Meet the team: Charlotte

Meet the team: Charlotte

The Creative Pod team has been going from strength to strength and we’re extremely excited to announce the newest member of our team Charlotte, who has joined the team as Junior Marketing Executive!   So tell us a little bit about your role… "I am working with Sarah in the marketing team at Creative Pod. My role includes writing social content along with blogs and newsletters for our clients and The Creative Group. I will assist with marketing campaigns and liaise...

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